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      Phone Number Masking Conduct business without revealing your phone number.

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      How does it work?

      Tropo masks your number by providing a Tropo number that forwards to your real number. We also keep a call log and allow you to click-to-call the use back, all while keeping your number masked.

      Create a Masked Number

      You recieve a new phone number that forwards to your phone.

      Make Transactions

      The new phone number is temporary. When you no longer need it, you can just delete it.

      Remain Anonymous

      You can even call a person back without giving out your number by calling them from tropo.

      The Code

      The Ruby Tropo WebAPI code below allows for a number to be forwarded to another number seamlessly to the end user.

      Take the tutorial
      @@mask_app_id = APP_CONFIG['TROPO_MASK_APP_ID']
      number = “19803334343”
          	puts 'generating mask for ' + number
          	uri = URI.parse("https://api.tropo.com/v1/applications/#{@@mask_app_id}/addresses")
          	http = Net::HTTP.new(uri.host, uri.port)
          	http.use_ssl = (uri.scheme == "https")
          	request = Net::HTTP::Post.new(uri.request_uri)
          	request.basic_auth(@@user, @@pass)
          	request.set_form_data({'type' => 'number', 'prefix' =>  number[1...5]})
          	response = http.request(request)
          	if response.code === '200'
              	response_uri = JSON.parse(response.body)['href'];
              	return extract_number_from_uri(response_uri)
            	puts 'generating mask with prefix ' + number[1...5] + ' failed with http ' + response.code + ' and message: ' + response.body

      Why Tropo?

      No Hardware

      Tropo is an in the cloud API which can power any type of Voice or SMS Real Time Communications. Nothing to buy, nothing to install, nothing to maintain. Easy to try out, easy to scale your wild success.

      Developer Friendly

      All you need is a text editor and a credit card and you can have a working app in minutes. Develop in languages that web developers are already familiar with: Python, Ruby, Javascript, and more.

      Build Anything

      All the sources for our demos are right on their pages, use them to jumpstart your app.